Safer, Smarter and Resilient Cities through Innovation & Collaboration.

IRIS is determined to bring together communities, spark creativity and foster innovation and collaboration in solving Smart City challenges. We believe that by leveraging existing city assets and invested stakeholders - we can create Next Generation Applications that solve community problems and barriers to progress, save operational and capital costs, create opportunities and jobs, and help further Ontario’s innovation ecosystem through applied research collaborations, early adopter test pilots and commercialization of ground breaking, Canadian owned solutions in the Global market.


The Team


David Keaney

An esteemed and seasoned CPA, David has over 25 years of senior financial experience within the financial services industry. David has held Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer positions for one of Canada’s largest banking insurance groups, and other international Fortune 100 companies. David is instrumental in the execution of the IRIS business model and is responsible for the company’s health and sustainability.


Emil Ramos

Emil has built family owned companies in diverse industries and has a strong background in infrastructure and civil engineering. A proven venture builder, Emil's creativity, tenacity, entrepreneurial drive and belief in empowering people is one of our core values. Emil fosters a culture of fun experimentation, innovation and collaboration and is responsible for propelling IRIS towards its vision as a global leader in Smart Cities Technologies.


Philip ng

Philip is a long standing member of one of Canada’s leading police services. He brings a wealth of experience to IRIS’s security based initiatives and oversees all partnership arrangements with security agencies throughout North America. Philip's dedication to advance the security and safety of Canadians is paramount to the success and impact of our effort.
Philip is the enforcer of the company’s Intellectual Property protection strategy.



Brain is an IT Professional with more than a decade of experience delivering large-scale IT projects within the healthcare information technology industry. Brian is tasked with technical requirement analysis, design & set-up of architecture, verification & validation, quality control, risk management and resource management for IRIS developments and technologies. Brian is the product owner of irisFACEMATCH.

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Saurabh Mahajan

Saurabh is the Senior Product Manager for IRIS Products & Solutions. As an MBA, SAFe PMPO, DAC, B.Eng holder, Saurabh has a unique mix of business, technology, communication and project management expertise resulting from international industry experience. He brings SCRUM and AGILE methodologies into rapid fire development of IRIS technologies with decades of software product management and engineering management.



Ahad is the Chief Technology Officer of IRIS. Ahad has a Ph.D in Transportation and Highway Engineering and has worked on modelling and designing smart cities for IBM, and designed recurrent, convolutional, statistical regression models and multilayer perceptron neural networks for the University of Toronto as a Postdoctoral Fellow. Dr. Ahad is a key driving force for the strategic implementation of IRIS technologies and innovations.


Mohammed PatLa

Mohammed is a full stack developer working on machine learning and deep learning technologies for IRIS. He has previous experience working in startups and open source blockchain projects. He has extensively worked with various web technologies and is pursuing a Bachelors in Computer Science. Mohammed is currently working on irisPRIVACY to tailor build the solution towards creating privacy centric Smart Cities.


Hardik Sahi

Hardik is a Machine Learning Scientist and implements state of the art Deep Neural networks for IRIS Technologies. He has worked on Armed Conflict Data Analysis and identified and analyzed trends in armed conflicts worldwide using massive training data sets and spatio-temporal data with 130,000 rows and 42 variables using R libraries. Hardik is currently building irisFACEMATCH, a breakthrough in Facial Recognition technologies.


Above: Dr. Mahmoud Principal Investigator with IRIS team for irisFACEMATCH, a racially agnostic facial recognition system developed by IRIS and piloted by Canadian Police Services today.

Right: Emil & Saurabh with three term Information and Privacy Commissioner Dr. Ann Cavoukian collaborating for the irisPRIVACY technology, a cloaking algorithim developed by IRIS to enable cities comply to MFIPPA Regulations.

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Above: Emil and David with IRIS developers Yaswanth and Suhas at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto for the CDL Smart Cities Stream Event.


Above: Emil Sylvester Ramos CEO, Erika Ty Communications and Community Liaison Officer, David Keaney CFO, Mohammad Patla and Kevin Xia Full Stack Developers at City Hall.

IRIS CEO Emil Sylvester Ramos wins the 2019 Lions Lair 3 month competition.

IRIS CEO Emil Sylvester Ramos wins the 2019 Lions Lair 3 month competition.


Above: Emil Sylvester Ramos CEO, David Keaney CFO and Philip Ng CPO, at IRIS HQ at the EDGE Innovation Hub.

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IRIS is committed to creating smarter and safer communities with security and privacy by design.